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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the EHR Industry

Advancements in EHRs leveraging Artificial Intelligence have been transformative in healthcare. Here are some key advancements:
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Top EHR Solutions for 2023

It can be overwhelming to see all of the EHR options available. It is also hard to compare them side by side, as they often have different pricing models which can make any comparison more of an apples to oranges exercise.
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Top Medical Billing Services

Let’s face it. Besides providing top care for patients, Medical Billing is one of the other top priorities. It is crucial for almost any medical practice to stay in business. In house medical billing can be a major task. And there are many top medical billing services to choose from. It really depends on the needs of your practice to make sure you find the best fit.
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Has COVID-19 changed your search for a new EHR solution?

If you were already in the market for a new EHR before COVID-19 hit, you have likely adjusted your criteria or the feature set you are now looking for. Or maybe you weren’t even looking for a new EHR, but after going through the past few…
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Avoid Physician Burnout: Is 2020 the Year to Switch Your EHR?

While there seems to be a varying degree of opinion on the correlation of physician burnout to EHR use, one thing is for certain, having an EHR that is easy to use and efficient only helps. Let’s face it… how many of you physicians…
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NextGen Becomes a Telehealth Business Overnight

With its recent acquisition of two companies, Medfusion and OTTO Health, NextGen Healthcare becomes a telehealth business almost overnight! NextGen looks to improve telemedicine adoption through easy integration. Many telemedicine platforms…
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The Rise of AI in Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Let’s take a look at who is actually using AI in their EHR solution. AI is all the buzz in the mainstream media, so why should it be any different in the health information space, especially with EHRs. But what does it all mean? Are EHR…
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EHR Corporate Responsibility

People today want to do business with and use products from companies that are stellar corporate citizens. This seems heightened in the healthcare space where the expectations are higher for those who already work towards helping patients.…
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