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EHR Software GuideEHR Software Guide

Our EHR Guide is designed to be user-friendly and breakdown everything that you need to know about selecting an EHR solution. With hundreds of options, thousands of features and beyond complex pricing, our EHR Guide provides information and reviews on the top choices in the marketplace to help you narrow your search and make the right decision.

Why use our EHR Software Guide

Overwhelmed? Too many options? If you work for (or own) a small physician’s practice or even a mid-size practices, chances are you are tasked with researching and recommending an EHR that best fits your needs but without breaking the bank.

Our EHR Guide will help you narrow down your search, gather information to present to your stakeholders and determine the best solution to recommend. You are on your way to choosing the right fit for your practice.

Why are there so many EHR Software companies?

Pure and simple, there are hundreds of EHR systems because there can be. It is capitalism at work. Physician practices all have different needs and technology companies are coming to the marketplace with solutions to fit those needs. There is lots of money being poured into the healthcare technology space from private equity backers to large conglomerates created a hotbed for EHR companies.

While having options should be a good thing, in most cases it is downright overwhelming to most physician practices looking to switch or get into an EHR solution. There are also considerations beyond the technology requirements your physician practice is looking to meet.

You should be looking at the size and financial backing of any company you are looking at. Purchasing a solution from three guys working out of their mother’s garage could be an enormous risk, but buying an EHR system from a giant such as EPIC may make you a small fish in a big pond. Maybe try looking for something in the middle.

Why is Specialty EHR software like Acumen and Modernizing Medicine so popular?

If you aren’t in the field of nephrology it is likely you haven’t even heard of Acumen. But if you work with (or are) a nephrologist, chances are Acumen is on your short list of EHR options. And if you are in the field of dermatology, Modernizing Medicine is a popular choice.

Specialty EHR solutions are popular because they are designed with a specific area of medicine in mind. The system requirements for a nephrologist practice are likely significantly different than what is needed for a cardiologist practice. These features make a specialty EHR typically come with a cost differential from a typical EHR system

Is free EHR Software like Practice Fusion right for you?

EHR Guide

How much do EHR systems cost? According to, the implementation cost for an average five physician practice is estimated at $162,000. And the first year maintenance expenses can be $85,000.1 These high expenses can be a financial burden for any size practice, but they can cripple a small physician practice.

So it isn’t hard to see how a free EHR software like Practice Fusion can be attractive to small physician practices. But is it right for you? If you are looking to switch to a free EHR or just getting started, listing out a written requirements document should be your first step. For example, do you need to be able to store large amounts of photos? Or do you need to integrate with a telemedicine platform? Spend the upfront time to identify your requirements and then you can evaluate if a free EHR software like Practice Fusion could fill all (or most) of your needs.

Don’t forget to check out free practice management solutions such as Office Ally Practice Mate that can work side-by-side with your EHR.

Lastly, while the price tag may be inviting, you must consider the hidden fees that go along with the resources needed to implement and maintain a free EHR system. Learn more about free EHR solutions that may be a fit for your practice.




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