Illustration of Covid-19

Has COVID-19 changed your search for a new EHR solution?

If you were already in the market for a new EHR before COVID-19 hit, you have likely adjusted your criteria or the feature set you are now looking for. Or maybe you weren’t even looking for a new EHR, but after going through the past few…
NextGen Telemedicine

NextGen Becomes a Telehealth Business Overnight

With its recent acquisition of two companies, Medfusion and OTTO Health, NextGen Healthcare becomes a telehealth business almost overnight! NextGen looks to improve telemedicine adoption through easy integration. Many telemedicine platforms…
Photo of a cellphone with an Amazon App

Will Amazon be the catalyst for telemedicine taking off?

An exclusive interview with almost 25 year telemedicine pioneer (yes, telemedicine has really been around that long) C. Rich Abbruscato with insight into what no one else is admitting. EHRGuide:    Can you briefly tell me about your background? Rich:  …
Photo of a laptop, stethoscope, cellphone, classes and a pen.

Why Isn’t Telemedicine Achieving Cost Reductions?

Any discussion about cost savings to the health care sector should logically start by identifying the high cost areas. Then examine possibilities to reduce those costs. In the US, the first part is easy. It is estimated that 80% of health…
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