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  • Virtual visits through their own telemedicine application called Healow – no need for 3rd party application.
  • Known to offer free conversion packages for new clients looking to transition away from another EHR.
  • Initial onsite training included for small practices.
  • High degree of customization. Ideal for small practices.
  • eClinicalWorks is a technology driven organization. All their technology was developed in-house and functions as one system.


  • Involved in a false claims whistleblower case that eCW settled with the US government for $155M.
  • Inefficiencies in their ticketing support system is a common thread with users.
  • Some technology support is located overseas causing the possibility of difficult communication.


What would you rate eClinicalWorks (eCW)? How is their customer support? Is eCW user-friendly? What are the pros and cons of eClinicalWorks? We provide eClinicalWorks reviews based on crowd sourcing to help assist in the search for an EHR that best fits the needs of your medical practice.

What Sets eClinicalWorks Apart from Other Electronic Health Record Systems?

With its establishment dating back to 1999, eClinicalWorks boasts a rich legacy in the field of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

One of the key differentiators that truly distinguishes eClinicalWorks from its competitors lies in its commitment to developing its own technology from the ground up.

While many EHR companies opt for acquisitions to bolster their offerings, eClinicalWorks takes pride in crafting a robust and cohesive system entirely in-house.

This approach not only showcases their technical prowess but also ensures a seamless integration of all components, resulting in an EHR solution that stands as a paragon of excellence.

At the heart of eClinicalWorks is a resolute dedication to technology. They are, by nature, a technology-driven company that places immense trust in the capabilities of their products.

Unlike those who heavily rely on advertising and marketing gimmicks, eClinicalWorks lets its actual product solutions speak for themselves. A notable example of this confidence in their technology is the dependable telehealth solution they offer, which has rapidly become a cornerstone of their service portfolio.

Moreover, eClinicalWorks goes beyond merely offering EHR systems; they empower medical practices to redefine themselves or assist those embarking on the journey to establish a brand-new practice.

Their comprehensive suite of tools and solutions caters to the evolving needs of healthcare providers, allowing them to adapt, grow, and thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

In summary, eClinicalWorks’ unwavering commitment to in-house technology development, their technological prowess, and their holistic approach to supporting medical practices make them a truly unique and invaluable partner in the healthcare industry.

With eClinicalWorks, healthcare providers not only gain access to cutting-edge EHR solutions but also a trusted ally in their quest to deliver high-quality patient care.


Many EHR companies need to offer third-party telehealth solutions, but eCW has developed their own called Healow. It shows a 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store with over 5 million downloads and almost 100 thousand Healow reviews for its telemedicine app.

Healow provides patients access to their patient data. It also allows them to communicate with their physician’s office. Healow has a “mom” version for expected mothers who desire a higher level of engagement.

eClinicalWorks offers Healow to it customers but they also sell it to anyone looking for a strong telehealth solution. Medical practices don’t need to use the cClinicalWorks EHR in order to use their telemedicine solution Healow.


Absolutely! And they take pride in the pricing they can offer. They claim due to their “technology and efficient processes and workflows, eClinicalWorks is redefining the status quo of the medical billing industry.”

They offer medical billing services at 2.9% of monthly collected revenue which is much better than some external billing services which charge anywhere from 5% to 12% off the bottom line.


Starting in 2016, the collaboration between CommonWell and Carequality was intended to expand the reach of both of the networks to help progress the standardization of the health data exchange. eClinicalWorks helps support that progress.

eClinicalWorks renewed their commitment to interoperability back in 2019 with both the Carequality Interoperability Framework and the CommonWell Health Alliance networks.

eCW provides CommonWell services to its customers that assists in them being able to deliver top care. And with their relationship to the Carequality Interoperability Framework, eClinicalWorks can ensure its providers have the most accurate and complete patient data at the point of care.

eCW Pricing

Photo of a Caucasian male doctor holding a clipboard that says How much does eCW cost?How much does eClinicalWorks cost? eClinicalworks pricing is very competitive. Make sure to understand all the product features and the available options to see what eCW pricing actually includes.

We recommend you compare quotes from various EHRs to ensure your medical practice gets the best price.


Photo of a black female doctor holding a medical chart that says The Pros and Cons of eClinicalWorksIt is crucial you understand both the advantages and disadvantages of eCW. Along with eClinicalWorks reviews, we have summarized their pros and cons:

Key Pros

  • eClinicalWorks provides virtual visits through its own telemedicine app called Healow, so you don’t need a 3rd party telemedicine app.
  • Known to offer potential new clients with free conversion packages to transition away from another EHR.
  • Initial onsite training is included for small medical practices.
  • Ideal EHR solution for small practices because of their high degree of customization.
  • As a technology driven company, all of eClinicalWorks tech was developed internally and it functions as one comprehensive system.

Key Cons

  • Once involved in a false claims whistleblower case which was settled with the U.S. government for $155M.
  • A common thread with users is eCW’s inefficiencies with their ticketing system for support.
  • It appears that some of their technology support may be located overseas, which could be a cause for communication concerns.


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