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Let’s face it. Besides providing top care for patients, Medical Billing is one of the other top priorities. It is crucial for almost any medical practice to stay in business.

In house medical billing can be a major task. And there are many top medical billing services to choose from. It really depends on the needs of your practice to make sure you find the best fit.

We hope to help you narrow down the search for medical billing services. As always, our focus is on the small to mid-sized market.

The Top 9 Medical Billing Services for Small to Mid-sized Practices

Billing in house can be a significant undertaking for some practices. Stop agonizing over it and consider outsourcing your medical billing, or revenue cycle management (RCM) to one of these top medical billing services.


AdvancedMD Medical Billing

For practices looking for a mix of affordability, flexibility and efficacy in a medical billing services, AdvancedMD should be a high contender.

Do you need a billing service that is both successful and gives you full visibility into your financials? AdvancedMD thinks they can fit the bill. They pride themselves in transparency to their customers and making it as easy as possible to understand a plethora of reports and analytics that are available.

Their medical billing services goes beyond just processing claims. They do all the leg work involved in appealing denials, managing rejections, and many other of the tedious tasks involved in billing.

AdvancedMD Billing

Main Benefits

  • Affordable – They claim they are “the most affordable, flexible medical billing service on the market.”
  • See your reimbursements right away
  • Easy to read reports and analytics

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Athenahealth AthenaCollector

With a 93% first pass resolve rate, AthenaCollector is a medical billing service / RCM to take a closer look at.

More of an automated service, AthenaCollector is a great fit for a practice looking for help but not necessarily looking for a complete third-party billing service.

Lastly, AthenaHealth was voted 2020 Best in KLAS Ambulatory RCM Services Winner.

Main Benefits athenahealth athena collector

  • Catch errors and improve collections
  • Get paid quicker with less man power
  • Real time data on performance
  • Competitively priced

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Cerner Medical Billing

While Cerner is usually thought of as a solution for only large practices, they do provide services for small to mid-sized practices.

As a powerhouse in the industry, Cerner brings a reputation for outcomes. They work hard to live up to this.

Take note that some of their advanced features may be considered challenging and will require training and experience for best outcomes.

Cerner billing

Main Benefits

  • As a big brand in the industry, Cerner comes with experience and clout.
  • Enables cleaner claims. Speed up reimbursement.
  • Helps improve process efficiencies through improved communications with clinical team
  • Full service available with all the bells and whistles

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CareCloud offers a full service Revenue Cycle Management service called CareCloud Concierge. They promote their analytics and specialized back office team that helps practices spend less time on collections, and more time on caring for patients.

Also, CollectiveIQ is CareCloud’s library of 180m+ automated billing rules that helps provide excellent resolution rates.

They provide an assortment of pricing plans to fit the needs of any practice.

CareCloud Billing

Main Benefits

  • Advanced analytics
  • Over 97% composite resolution rate
  • Proven experience of lowering costs and increasing profitability
  • Variety of pricing plans
  • U.S. based support team

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As far as eClinicalWorks Revenue Cycle Management goes, they heavily market actual metrics to prove their service is superior.

They offer billing services at 2.9% of monthly collected revenue. This is significantly lower compared to some other external billing services that may charge from 5% to even as high as 12%. This meaningfully can help your bottom line.

eclinicalworks billing

Main Benefits

  • 98% first-pass claim submission
  • Proven track record
  • RCM Dashboard to give you complete visibility into the finances

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Greenway Health Billing Services

Ideal for small to mid-sized practices, Greenway Health offers medical billing services. They also heavily promote Greenway Revenue Services and Greenway Clearinghouse that can help collect every dollar possible.

Greenway claims, “We have a solution for every challenge”. They are very focused on meeting the needs of their customers.

In addition, 2020 Frost & Sullivan names Greenway Health winner of the North American Ambulatory RCM Customer Value Leadership Award

Greenway Health Billing

Main Benefits

  • Improve collections, cash flow, and profitability
  • Award winning RCM
  • Seamless and efficient
  • Can help your practice transition to value-based care

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Kareo Managed Billing

Kareo is specifically designed for independent practices. They have a robust billing software, but they do farm out the managed billing services to one of their vetted partners. They will help set you up with a billing company partner that fits the needs of your practice, including specialty specific.

Simplifying the billing processes is one of their key claims. Simplification should lead to faster reimbursements

You can use Kareo’s robust billing analytics to analyze and identify ways to optimize the revenue of your practice.

Lastly, their pricing is very competitive. Although note that there is an implementation fee.

Kareo Billing

Main Benefits

  • Geared towards independent practices, giving you the attention you need.
  • Competitively priced
  • Ranked as a leader amongst Medical Billing Software by FrontRunners.

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Modernizing Medicine Boost

A combination of Modernizing Medicine (ModMed) practice management software and their Business Operations Services, is what makes Boost so successful.

Modernizing Medicine will get to know your practice and unique processes to help develop strategies to drive cost savings and efficiency that will work for you.

Modernizing Medicine Billing

Main Benefits

  • Convenience by having one vendor for technology and billing services
  • 98% average first pass claim acceptance rate
  • Focus on medical specialty practices
  • ModMed is a Black Book 2020 winner

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NextGen Financial Suite Pro

There are three levels of Practice Management solutions, NextGen offers Financial Suite, Financial Suite Plus and Financial Suite Pro which is the complete medical billing and collections support service.

The NextGen Financial Suite Pro solution can help your practice achieve financial success through its state-of-the-art technology and top-rated professional services.

If you are looking to spend more time with your patients and less time with all of the hassle that billing can bring, NextGen should be a top consideration.

NextGen Billing

Main Benefits

  • Expertise in compliance and regulations, allowing them (and you) to stay on top of the changing landscape.
  • Strong analytics and reporting
  • Revenue cycle expertise to help guide in your decision making.
  • A focus on patient experience to help ensure overall satisfaction.

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In Conclusion: Considerations for a Medical Billing Service

There is a lot to consider when shopping for a medical billing service.

Give some consideration to the needs of your practice and the areas you need the most help in. If cash flow is a major concern, it could also be worth looking at medical factoring, which is a financing alternative.

With an abundance of different features and a variety of pricing options, it is worth comparing quotes from several vendors that offer medical billing services.