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  • Designed with the clinician in mind to focus more on the patient and less on the administrative burden.
  • Powerful data analytics packages
  • Support team is 100% US based.
  • Known for great training and support
  • User-friendly


  • Adding customization may add to the risk of glitches.
  • Lots of tricks and robust features, but will need time to discover and master them.

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How would you rate NextGen EHR? How is the support? What are the pros and cons of NextGen? Is it user friendly? We provide NextGen reviews based on crowd sourcing order to help small to mid-sized practices in their search for a new EHR.


With almost 50 years in the market and over “100 thousand happy providers“, NextGen Healthcare continues to gain market share in the industry. They aim to take away the administration burden from staff and clinicians.

NextGen’s greatest differentiators is that their EHR allows for clinicians to be more efficient and productive. NextGen lets clinicians focus their time on what they do best, care for patients.

NextGen was developed to work with both small and large sized medical practices. They provide the following key solutions:

  • For small independent practices with 10 or less providers – They provide a solution called NextGen Office that is meant to be an all-in-one solution. It includes a cloud based EHR platform, practice management, revenue cycle management / medical billing and an user friendly patient portal. The NextGen Office solution lets you focus on your patients without getting caught up with the needless stress of running a medical practice.
  • For large independent practices with more than 10 providers – They provide a solution called NextGen Enterprise. They claim it is “An integrated, robust solution that’s adaptable to suit your specific needs.” There is a ton included in NextGen Enterprise including an EHR, Revenue Cycle Management, Practice Management, an Electronic Data Exchange (EDI), Clearinghouse, advanced analytics package and clinical content for different specialties.

With a variety of solutions to service any sized practice, NextGen is a popular choice in the market leading to positive NextGen reviews. And with the acquisition of Medfusion and OTTO Health, we also expect to see NextGen’s telemedicine business take off.

What is NextGen EHR pricing? It seems to be quite competitive. Be sure to compare quotes from several EHR vendors to see you are getting the best value.


In 2019, NextGen partnered with Allscripts Veradigm which is an arm of business that supports the enablement of data exchange between providers, insurers, labs and more.

Rusty Frantz, NextGen’s CEO claimed, “As NextGen has focused on its population health and data sharing capabilities, this has boosted its competitive position and has led to some providers switching from other vendors to NextGen’s EHR systems.” *

The partnership with Veradigm allows NextGen to provide these capabilities with rapid speed, as opposed to developing them in-house.

Big data is crucial to healthcare. Keep an eye out for more exciting growth announcements to come out of NextGen Healthcare.

USE DATA ANALYTICS TO DRIVE STRATEGYPhoto of a business man in a suit with a clear digital computer that says NextGen Healthcare Data Analytics

The better the data (and analysis) becomes, the easier it is for practices to drive their strategy.

Fittingly, NextGen’s population health and analytics services are designed to allow practices to make decisions based on data driven insights. Ultimately, everyone in the healthcare industry wants to take action that will improve outcomes.


With a variety of medical billing services, claims services and collections, NextGen appeals to any size medical practice. For that reason, NextGen breaks their revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions into three products to best serve the specific needs of every practice including:

  • The NextGen Financial Suite which is a client management solution. It is both software based and uses actual human professionals to support your medical billing.
  • NextGen Financial Suite Plus is also a client management solution. The difference that the Plus version offers is accounts receivable (A/R), reworking claims and helps relieve other staff duties that can be burdensome.
  • NextGen Financial Suite Pro layers in extra services in addition to the Financial Suite services. The Pro version is a more robust offering that includes online patient engagement tools like a patient portal, online payments and appointment reminders.


Illustration with dollar signs that says How much does NextGen cost?What is NextGen EHR pricing? NextGen offers different options for different sized medical practices. Be sure to understand all the options and features available to see what NextGen EHR pricing actually includes.

We recommend you compare quotes from a variety of EHR companies to get the best deal.


Be sure to understand the advantages and disadvantages of NextGen. In addition to the NextGen reviews, we have also included a summary of NextGen pros and cons:

Photo of a stethoscope on a medical document with a pen that says NextGen Healthcare Pros and ConsKEY PROS

  • Developed to lessen the administrative burden on clinicians to let them do what they do best, care for patients.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Robust data analytics packages
  • 100% US based support team
  • Reputation for excellent training and support


  • It has been rumored that while NextGen out of the box is very favorable, adding customization, may add to the risk of glitching.
  • You will need time to discover and master all the tricks and robust features.


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