Specialty EHR Systems

Specialty EHR Systems

Specialty EHR Systems

Not all EHRs are created the same. Some solutions are focused on the size of the practice, while others are focused on the medical specialty. In some cases, it may be both.

Specialty EHRs can focus specifically on one specialty like Acumen who designs software solutions for Nephrology. And then there are others like Modernizing Medicine (ModMed) that are a great fit for lots of different medical specialists including Dermatology, Otolaryngology (ENT), Plastic Surgery, Urology and more.

What Features Make an Effective Specialty EHR?

Ultimately medical practices, both big and small, are looking to improve patient care while improving the job satisfaction of physicians. Having an EHR that is tailored for your medical specialty could be a game changer for your medical practice.

How to Best Select a Specialty EHR for Your Medical Practice?

Research, research and more research. Check out industry EHR awards by Specialty. Talk to your network of clinicians, read reviews and narrow down your list. Then request a demo for your top picks. In some cases they will allow you a short test run of the software to see how it works in your office environment. Also, make sure to request several vendor quotes to ensure the best EHR cost.

Practice Management for Medical Specialties

Today’s EHR, especially those for specific medical specialties, go beyond just medical records and offer a variety of products and services. From Practice Management to Analytics to Revenue Cycle Management, your specialty medical practice can get it all in one integrated solution.

EHR Specialties

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