Our Reviews

We spend dozens of hours researching EHR companies so you don’t have to. Let’s face it, the internet is flooded with information which can make it daunting to distill. Our goal is to summarize information and reviews that have been crowd sourced. By spending the necessary time needed to be accurate, we like to think that we do a good job on our reviews. But we understand there may be oversights. If there is something you see that is incorrect, please contact us and we will work to rectify any errors.

We take the following into consideration:

Pros and Cons:

We like to provide a brief summary at the top of each review so you don’t have to read the entire thing is you don’t want to.

Company Overview:

Along with a Review, the EHR Company also has an overview page that provides additional information.


Every physician’s office has their own needs, especially if they are a specialty practice. Having flexibility is more important to some practices than others.

Ease of Use:

From user interface to navigation to number of clicks, the user experience of an EHR solution is important to its success. While “Power Users” of any EHR may say theirs is easy to use, it is important to understand what the average user thinks.

Service and Support:

The EHR space is not known for its customer service, so you will see this is a lower area for most organizations. In addition technical support can vary because some physician practices may complain over slowness, but in reality it may be the network/server on the physician office’s side.

Value for the Money:

You will notice we evaluated the EHR solutions on value, not cost. You want to get value out of what you pay for. Having a free or less expensive product doesn’t always equate to value if you aren’t getting what you need. And overpaying for all the bells and whistles may not be a good value either.

Negative Review/Complaints:

Have there been any negative reviews or complaints about the company? Check BBB,,, Twitter, Google and any other social media site. In today’s age, the internet of things (IOT) allows for an extraordinary level of accountability and transparency. Use this to your benefit.

A note of caution: In general, people have a tendency to complain more than they praise, so you will often find a number of complaints. You can’t always believe every negative review that you read and should take it in context with the other information available.

In addition, EHR companies allow you to demo their product. Do it! It is better to take your time to make a decision than to rush things and be disappointed down the road.