Based on Allscript’s recent Q1 earnings call, President Rick Poulton is “satisfied” with the Q1 results. While he was nudged on his choice of wording during the Q&A portion of the call, he didn’t budge.

With a slew of deals that were discussed such as Practice Fusion and McKesson’s EIS, it didn’t go unnoticed that Allscripts also touted their partnership with Lyft to offer rides to patients in need of transportation.

Allscripts partnership with Lyft – A good idea or a good marketing ploy?

In theory, the idea of providing your patients with a ride to the office sounds great. And I guess having the option to call direct from your EHR may save some effort. But how would this even work? Who pays? Is this reimbursable? Some may look at this partnership as a bit of a PR move.

In an era where the expected use of telemedicine is off the charts, why not focus on improving the telemedicine capabilities of an EHR to patients that have trouble with transportation?

It is official. Practice Fusion is now charging its clients.

Allscripts $100M acquisition of Practice Fusion was announced in January of this year left many to wonder if the free EHR that Practice Fusion offered for its nearly 30,000 ambulatory practices would begin to charge for its use. The wondering is over.

Practice Fusion is indeed charging its clients a $99 per clinician license fee per month. They offer secondary licenses for free (up to 3 per clinician license) and the rest of the staff is free.

The Practice Fusion cost is low and the value is high, so it is likely they will be able to retain a healthy client base and Allscripts can then go after more of the EHR market share for the small to mid-sized medical practices. The Allscripts EMR pricing also provides value, but you should compare a variety of vendors to be sure.

Even with all of its advertisers, it was always hard to understand how Practice Fusion was even providing their EHR at no cost, so it isn’t shocking things have gone this way.

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Allscripts acquired Practice Fusion in early 2018 and has recently announced it will begin charging its clients monthly license fees.
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